Thursday, April 2, 2009

set up and wait

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  1. The past few years Jer and I would often drive down Ocean View Blvd. His excitement when the motorcycles would roar past us was infectious, and I smile remembering how he would laughingly tell me about how he was going to build a bed and breakfast at a particular spot every time we drove by it. One summer I mentioned to Jerry that I hadn't seen any deer in several weeks and with a big smile he said, "I'll show you where they are!" Sure enough, he took us right to where many deer were hanging out. Jerry pretty much knew everything about Pacific Grove and just about every time we went out to eat someone would recognize him and come over to say hello. On those occasions where he didn't know anybody in the restaurant, well, he never hesitated to go up to whoever happened to be there and strike up a conversation. His love of life was inspirational.